Easy Data Entry

It supports common change lists generated by Avid, FinalCut Pro and others. But you don't need to have an editorial can make, share, and print your own change notes from scratch in a pinch.

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Error-free Conforming

Built-in tricks for handling timecode and feet-frames math mean you never have to keep track of footages, or do math in your head. Feed your numbers straight to the Pro Tools timeline for versatile and error-free conforming. Instantly check your Tail Pop.

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Make it Right

Like a word processor or spreadsheet, you have complete freedom to fix, annotate, format, or simplify your change note whenever you want. Treat groups of events as one. Filter a note to eliminate or hide optical swaps. Create and delete events. Cut and paste between change notes. Create combined change notes.

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Perfect changes from Premiere Pro

Take two sequences and compare them. mfChangeNote will give you an accurate change note that even simplifies shot moves in the most efficient way.

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Do It On a Computer

Free your brain. Push a button to automatically sequence any or all of your changes in ProTools. And you never have to give up control over the process. mfChangeNote won't slash and burn through your session, unless you want it to.

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About mfChangeNote...and why you might want it.

Television and Film Post-production schedules continue to overlap more and run shorter, putting ever-growing demands on the people who are preparing and finishing the sound track. And yet, as modern editing systems offer greater complexity and efficiency, the handling of versioning and turnovers remains in the stone age.

mfChangeNote is a Mac program (OS X 10.8+, 64-bit) designed to help all the editors and assistants who must manually conform audio tracks, guide tracks, and even their notes or metadata whenever picture changes make versions obsolete.

mfChangeNote makes change notes, prints them, and helps you use them to conform (aka 're-conform') sound tracks.

Contact me

I'm just another humble sound editor, probably much like yourself. Over the last few decades, my passion for film-making, sound, and computer science have led me to every corner of the post-production universe. Shoot me off a note with your questions and suggestions. I'd love to hear them.